You can take these easy steps at home to help keep your dog’s teeth shiny, healthy, and clean:

  • Feed an appropriate diet: Our vets and nurses will advise you on which foods your dog can eat that will keep their mouth healthy
  • Provide the right toys: Never let a dog play with an object that’s harder than their teeth or one that is small enough for them to swallow. Chewing is a great way to promote oral health. However, you must make sure you’re giving your dog toys that are safe. A good, sturdy rope toy to play tug-of-war will exercise your dog’s jaw muscles and help clean their teeth. Remember to put all toys, bones, and chews away when they’re not in use. If your dog is a strong chewer, pick stronger toys that won’t fall apart and become a choking hazard.
  • Brush! We can advise you on how often to brush your dog’s teeth. Many advise brushing at least three times a week using a soft toothbrush. Starting this habit early can make it a pleasant and fun experience for you and your dog. Be sure to use special toothpaste made for dogs; never use human toothpaste.
  • If a toothbrush seems too challenging for you and your dog, try a finger toothbrush: This a small brush that fits, like a glove, snugly over the index finger. It can be easier to use inside your dog’s mouth than a conventional toothbrush.

Sometimes keeping your dog’s chompers healthy can feel like a big job.  Luckily our practice provides advanced veterinary dentistry services in addition to basic dental care.  Dental X-rays allow us to see what is going on below the gum-line.  This is so important because 60% of dental disease isn’t visible to the naked eye.  So despite our best efforts, without taking radiographs, we may miss painful teeth with root disease.