Pet Passports

Pet passports are required when travelling to another country. Specific regulations apply depending on the country you travel through and to. Please contact DAFM ( or Citizen’s Information ( and equivalent embassies of the country you intend to travel through or to.

Generally, your dog, cat or ferret will be required to have a microchip registered in your name. A rabies vaccination will be given by the veterinary surgeon.

PLEASE NOTE There is a wait of 22 days after this vaccination before your pet can travel to other EU or listed countries. We recommend to vaccinate at least one month before intended travel in case of any unforeseen health issues delaying the administration of the rabies vaccination.

Should you decide to travel to non-EU or non-listed countries then it is necessary to perform a blood test, to see if the rabies vaccination has worked.  This is taken 30 days or later after the vaccination. Repeat vaccination and blood testing is required if your pet fails the blood test. As it can take weeks to get the results back, we recommend to start the process at least four months before you travel.

Please make sure to stay informed about travel requirements and to inform us about them. Ashwood Veterinary Centre does not take responsibility for any travel requirements beyond the issuing of your pet passport.

Further information about Brexit can be found on:

Please contact us if you have any questions at 071 963 1043.