At Ashwood Veterinary, we recommend neutering for all pets. Our shelters and dog pounds are full of unwanted pets, many of which are a result of unplanned breeding.  There are many advantages to neutering, but most of all, your pet will live a longer, more contented happy life without the drive to reproduce.

At our hospital, we give all pets a free pre-operative check prior to admission.  This allows time to discuss the procedure and assess any other issues that may have arisen since your pet’s last visit.  He/she will be closely monitored during and after the surgery by one of our dedicated, fully qualified veterinary nurses. We also heat our kennels for recovery which has proved to decrease post-operative complications.  When we discharge your pet, we will give you a free post-op appointment to ensure he/she is recovering as expected.

For dogs, we recommend neutering from 6 months of age, but large breeds we leave until they are skeletally mature.  At this age, they are young, fit and healthy.  Research has shown there are advantages to neutering female dogs before their first heat.  Once they have a heat, it is better to wait 12 weeks prior to operating. This is because the blood supply to the uterus increases dramatically around the time of heats, and so the surgical risk of bleeding is higher.

Cats reproduce at a phenomenal rate.  By neutering your cat, you can reduce the number of unwanted kittens, but also help decrease the spread of diseases like Feline Aids and Leukaemia.

At Ashwood Veterinary, we have invested heavily in the very best anaesthetic equipment and theatre lighting.   We have a special interest in neutering and we place great emphasis on pain relief and keeping our patients comfortable.

Please call 071-9631043 to book a visit for a free pre-operative check.