Why should I microchip my pet?

Are you worried about losing your pet? A microchip will help! The chip has a unique number, to which your contact details are linked and registered at the central database. By scanning the chip and contacting this database, you will be informed about your dog’s whereabouts so that you will be re-united with your beloved pet as soon as possible. Always keep your details up to date as we will not be able to contact you otherwise.

And if the above reason is not enough of an incentive to microchip your dog, then please be aware that it is now a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped from the age of 12 week. For further information check http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2015/si/63/made/en/pdf

How is the microchip implanted?

The microchip is located in a sterile needle which is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades. This can be done in dogs, cats and rabbits.


Further questions?

Please contact Ashwood Vets or Fido https://www.fido.ie