Preventative Healthcare

Why should I bring my pet to the vets if he/she is not ill?

This is a common question and one which is best answered as “prevention of a problem is better than trying to resolve it”, especially when early detection could save your pet’s life.

Remember that a year for us is much longer in cat or dog years e.g. one year for us is about seven years for your dog and a lot can happen during this time especially when your pet is getting older.

We therefore recommend regular health checks every year during their vaccination and more often in pets with health issues or when over eight years of age.


  • Health check of your healthy dog, cat or rabbit: every 12 months
  • Health check of your senior pet over 8 years of age: every 6 months or as advised by the vet
  • Vaccination: every 12 months
  • Parasite treatment (fleas, ticks, worms, lungworms): year-round