Farm Services

We are a group of dedicated Large Animal vets, who through continuing education and practical field work, have gained vast experience in all aspects of herd health.  We provide an excellent emergency call out service to our clients 365 days a year.

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Herd Health

A healthy herd is an efficient herd.  We work with our clients to combine good health planning, monitoring and preventative treatments.  Our vets will help you reduce the impact of disease on your herd or flock to get the maximum return on your farm.

Preventative Herd Healthcare

  • Tuberculosis Testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Fluke and Worm treatments
  • Blood and dung sampling,
  • Lameness advice


One of the keys to maximising efficiency is to optimize reproductive performance.  Our vets are trained in ultrasound scanning.  As well as pregnancy diagnosis, we specialize in pre-breeding scanning to identify problem cows and offer appropriate treatments.

Our vets are also trained in bull and ram fertility testing.  We recommend all bulls and rams should be tested annually prior to the breeding season. 

Herd Testing

The annual TB test is an opportunity for the vet to observe all animals in your herd and discuss any herd health issues.