End of Life

We know that pets are like family members.  We do everything possible to give them a long and happy life, however, there comes a time in every pet’s life when the difficult decision needs to be made.   Please contact us, we are here to help.  We can discuss your options for management or euthanasia and the options available for cremation.  It is best to have an idea of your family’s wishes prior to making that final trip. 

When the time has come to make an appointment, we do our best to schedule these appointments so that we have plenty of time to explain everything to you.  Ashwood Veterinary centre was designed to provide the highest quality medical care for your pet. However, when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, a surgical environment can feel a bit cold.

In February 2020, we will be renovating our clinic to include a Family Room with a comfortable couch and area for you to use when you are in the process of saying goodbye to your pet. You can stay here as long as you wish.  We also have a separate exit for this room so that you do not have to return to the busy reception area. You can go out our side exit and straight back to your car.  We hope this privacy will help your family give your pet the best send-off possible so you feel supported and cared for through the process.