Our NEW Cattery

Our cattery has been built to meet the gold standards set out by the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine).  These condos were specifically designed following research on how cats behave in a veterinary environment away from home.   Our aim is to become a fully accredited Cat Friendly Clinic in 2021 by providing a quiet, warm and comfortable space for our feline friends.


This is an exclusive cat-only space.  The cattery presently has 6 spacious cat condos with tunnels to allow movement between condos, thus allowing separate sleeping, eating and toileting areas.  Something cats love!   These were specifically designed following research on how cats behave in a veterinary environment away from home.  The clear doors avoid the ‘caged’ feeling yet have benefits of being easy to clean and providing a sneeze barrier.  They also have quiet closing latches to lower feline stress levels.  We have installed a ventilation system to automatically keep the cattery at the optimum temperature and humidity for cats, while providing clean fresh air at all times.  We have a Feliway diffuser plugged in to provide feline calming pheromones 24/7 and the radio provides soft background noise.

Play Area

There is a play area adjacent to the cattery.  Each cat will get time in here on their own during the day.  This room is a large bright room with climbing frames, scratch pads, bubble tube, raised shelves for perching, loads of toys and soft bedding.  We also have a large covered litter tray for those cats that prefer a bit of privacy. 


We have purchased specific Vet bedding to only be used in our Cattery.  This bedding is designed to wick away moisture while providing a deep comfortable bed.  If your cat is coming in for an extended period, please bring in his/her usual bed or blanket to help him settle in.  However, with Covid regulations are in place, this is not advisable at present.   


Adult cats are normally fed twice daily, kittens and elderly cats can be fed more frequently if required.   We normally feed our patients with Hills or Calibra food ranges. You will be asked about your cat’s normal diet on arrival.   If your cat is on a special diet, prescription food or if they are picky eaters, we recommend that you supply his/her food for the duration of their stay. 


For the health and well being of all our guests, all cats must have a current vaccination against ‘Cat Flu and Enteritis.’  Primary vaccination courses and boosters should be completed at least 1 week prior to boarding.  Up to date vaccination cards must be shown on arrival.

Parasite Control

We recommend that all cats are treated for fleas, ticks and worms prior to boarding.  However this can be done during their stay if required. 

Boarding Rates

  • Single cat €10/day
  • Two cats Sharing €16/day
  • Three Cats Sharing €25/day

*All rates are per day or part thereof.  However, if you collect your cat before 10 am, there is no charge for that day. 

*Payment must be paid upon collection.

*A non-refundable booking deposit is required for stay over 7 days.

*There are no collections available on Sundays.

*Although short stays are welcome, there is a minimum charge of €20.


Boarding Terms and Conditions

At the time of booking, owners must inform us of any medical history.  We reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat/s who in our opinion show signs of illness at arrival. 

Male cats over 6 months of age must be neutered.  We will not accept intact male cats.

Any medical treatment deemed necessary (e.g. parasite control) for the health and wellbeing of our visitors will be carried out and charged to the client’s bill prior to discharge.  Should your pet become ill while boarding with us, we will contact you or your designated contact prior to any treatment whenever possible.  Where this is not possible to make contact, any treatment deemed necessary will be carried out without the owner’s consent.

Oral Medication can be administered to manageable cats.

Drop off and Pick up Times must be agreed in advance.

Deposits will be required for bookings over 7 days.  We will require 50% deposit at the time of booking to reserve the kennel.  The balance will be due upon collection. In the case of cancellation less than 1 week in advance-deposits are non-refundable.